CatNet - Connect all together

Connecting social networks, so everybody can use their favourite and keep their friends

Dear Visitor.

CatNet will be a community driven project, creating decentralized social networks applications and discussing their integrity. For us it’s about the human behind it, not about any capitalistic interest, therefore everything will be open source and freely availabe. Implementing the new Social linked data technology by Tim Berners Lee, we'll create a standardization for social networks applications, so they can connect with one another. This will lead to a cluster of applications, where each user can use his favourite and also can interact with his contacts.
Centerpiece of the community will be the YouTube Channel CatNet, leading throught the development and making the community grow.

The project presuamibly starts in April. Currently we're setting the legal terms for the project, since we have been highly adviced to not publicly act as private persons, but rather as a limited liabilty organisation. Right now we're applying for public funding, which requires the project to not be a legal organisation just yet. The next steps are clear and are beeing taken. Stay tuned and join the community. Contact us via mail , follow the Youtube Channel or join our Discord Server. If you have any questions or want to contribute feel free to contact us.

The current situation

Facebook is bad, everybody knows that. Some self proclaimed facebookkillers tried to take the lead, but failed to reach a critical mass. We came to a point, where even at this congress, all you can find is resignation. Sure you have some talks that critizie or analyze facebook, but no real solutions. We in our bubble are fine, we use decentralized alternatives, if the others don't want to switch, its their own fault. Wake up! The current state of social media is not acceptable. Few companies hold imense amount of Data about almost every person on this planet and are completely intransparent on how they process them. This really is not a world we want to live in, or do you?

Solid - the social network revolution we all waited for

Social linked data (Solid) is a proposed set of conventions and tools for building decentralized social applications, developed by Tim Berners Lee.
Solid is modular and extensible and it relies as much as possible on existing W3C standards and protocols.
This will lead to decentralization, true data ownership, platform independency and a better environment for developers and inovation, since the problem of the critical mass, which is the main killer of social network applications, will become obsolete.

We see a big chance in this technology and want to push its development.
As a non profit community we want to build a open source application for solid, that will make it easy for even more developers, to let their visions become real within the solid network. Modularity will be the keypart of CatNet, so everybody will be able to create a social network that fits his needs and will be able to share his distribution easily with others. The project has the working title CatNet, cause we like the idea of the Internet's favourite animal saving the Internet.

Whats next

We do not have a team yet, if you're interested in joining contact us. The dream would be to have a coding community someplace where it's nice but also the rents are cheap e.g. Budapest, lock ourselves away for half a year and come back with the best social network we can come up with. But of course if you prefer to contribute remotly, you're work will be appreciated. We do get support by our University and we will have a masterthesis written in this, maybe this might also be an option for you or someone you know.

It's your turn

Write us on our Discord or via email:
If you want to stay informed about the project progress, maybe help us as a beta tester or be the first to try the finished application, sign up to the mailing list, we promise to not spam and keep it confidential.


If you know about places, which could support us or where we could apply for funding, please also contact us. If you want to support us yourself with a donation, here you'll find our Paypal-Pool. Each Euro will be used with respect and helps us working on what we love. 15.000€ will pay us rent and food for 5 developers for half a year, in which we can create something that could have a strong impact on the society.
Please spread the word and our stickers, for this to happen we need support.

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